Attention Creates Money

Attention creates money!  What do I mean by that?  There are so many distractions around us that it can be hard to attract attention to a product and or service.  There a lot of competition between not just the larger companies, but now with social media sites which is also distracting the eyes and ears of the very people whose attention we want focused on our product and or services. 

Do not despair, there are still ways you can compete. You do not have to have a boatload of money to advertise either.  One very creative way to get attention is to be endorsed by a celebrity. I’m not talking about a superstar actor or singer, but a local media celebrity.  Who may this be?  Look in your local paper to see who is being written about.  Someone in your area or neighborhood who is doing something newsworthy or positive.  

Since they are local they should not be difficult to get their address,  email or phone number.  Simply contact them and tell them you would like to send them your services or product as a gift in return.  Tell them you would like to get their honest testimonial about your product and or services in a few days.  Use their testimonial as a tool in your marketing.  If the review is positive, then see if they would be willing to post or tweet to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media site they may belong to.  

Offer a discount for everyone who mentions their name or offer a small donation to a local charity for every person who mentions.

If you have a mentor or coach online who has notoriety in the internet marketing space.  Ask him to do a short 30 minute Q&A on a zoom call and record it.  In return cross promote a product and service they may be promoting in the future.  Many time this is extremely possible.  

Another easy, less expensive way to market yourself is to create a YouTube video.  This is a powerful marketing platform.  Don’t just make any old video, give some good thought.  A keyword headline that draw attention should start you out.  Do research on what headlines would get the most hits as related to your product and or service. 

Don’t be too long or share too much information in one video, just peak the interest and have a call to action or peak interest in your next video.  If you have a lot to offer, several short videos are best.  Create a specific channel for the videos and ask the viewers to subscribe to your channel for further updates and information.  

Don’t get discourage, it is not necessary to invest in a small fortune of video equipment.  These can be actually done using  a smart phone. Believe me, this is sufficient enough to create a perfectly suitable online video.  Several computers have editing software built into them.  If yours does not, there are several free alternatives that do simple editing.  

One last ideal to help you in marketing is to write yourself an eBook.  Something relating to your product or service an issue that is occurring in product and or service. Amazon allows you to upload self written digital books for free with them taking a 33 percent profit on every sale the book generates.  

Your goal is not to get rich off of the sales of the book, but to use it as a lead in encouraging the reader to go to your personal website for more information.  Make the book affordable and then promote it.  If your not sure how to do this there is an nice program that will help you accomplish the entire process of creating an eBook in a acceptable time frame called Designrr. 

Attention create money, so start creating Attention today.

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