So who is Robert “Bobby” Wiggins, I was born in Mobile, AL where I lived until the age of 17.  At age 17 I joined the U.S. Navy, where I served 1979 – 1986.  After leaving the Navy I worked for Ingall’s Ship-Building company and assisted in the building of the LHD-1 Wasp. Due to the change in the scope of the U.S. Navy’s plans for a 500 ship fleet I was laid off in 1987 so I re-enlisted back into the U.S. Navy.

While I was serving during this new term I began selling items on part time and began Online Affiliate Marketing. In 1993, I had an opportunity to leave the Military earlier during the Clinton administration and military draw-down. After leaving the military remained in Millington, TN and continued my already established eBay business and Affiliate Marketing. I acquired during this time also a family owned and operated Mexican Food restaurant in Millington TN. I began expanding my online business by purchasing large liquidation loads of electronics and computers that I marketed through various online channels.

In 1996, I purchased and existing Pager/Beeper store and in a period of four years grew this business to multiple locations.  I sold this business in 2002.  I have always had an entrepreneurial desire having owned and operated several Brick & Mortar businesses over the years with my most recent Brick & Mortar business established in 2015 after the passing of my mother-in-law Nancy “Mamaw” Tolley; which was named appropriately Mamaw’s Memory Gift Shop & Florist Shop.

My true passion has always been internet and affiliate marketing. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than helping others who are really seriously motivated to make money online to make positive changes in their lives.

In a nutshell you can make money online but this hype that it can be done with no work, no money or with a single push of a button, well, it simply can’t be done. Internet Marketing Success takes time, dedication, it takes patience, and a little money but most importantly it takes a proven plan and your wiliness to implement the plan. You have to spend money to make money but the rewards of becoming self-employed and living life at your pace on your schedule is the bomb. I look forward to working and helping others grow and meet their goals for ONLINE SUCCESS!

This is why I founded Tools4Success on November 2, 2004.